Recent Publications

Discussion Papers 

  • (DP 2021-01) A Call to Arms to Fight Mediocre Education – by EA Tan
  • (DP 2021-02) Don’t let a “good” crisis go to waste: One-upmanship in local responses to the COVID-19 pandemic – by JTB Alvarez, JME Guinto, & JJ Capuno
  • (DP 2021-03) Dominance and divergence: Ethnic groups and preferences for redistribution in Southeast Asia – by JJ Capuno
  • (DP 2021-04) In whom we trust more? Heterogeneous effects of government assistance on trust in local officials in the Philippines – by JJ Capuno
  • (DP 2021-05) Accelerating Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation: Strengthening the Philippines’ Contribution to Limit Global Warming and Cope with its Impacts – by TMC Monsod, SJ Ahmed, & GP Hilario

PRE Articles (June & December 2019 issue)


  • Festschrift for Raul V. Fabella – by SLS Daway-Ducanes & ES de Dios
  • Some reflections on the state of development economics in Asia – by HC Hill & S Jayasuriya
  • The monkey in the mirror and other tales of central bank forward guidance – by EM Remolana
  • A BSP closer to the people: spreading the benefits of monetary and financial stability – by BE Diokno
  • Digit ratio and prosocial behavior: the role of innate aggression in public goods and trust games – by JME Guinto, CMDC Amante, FNL Carlos, AB Daro, MJP Marasigan, & JJ Capuno
  • A note on cooperative hunting (Holmstrom and Fabella meet the Dumagat of Tanay) – by OC Solon
  • The case against the case for land reform: transaction costs and misplaced exogeneity – by KL Jandoc & JA Roumasset
  • Toward a fairer society: inequality and competition policy in developing Asia – by AM Balisacan
  • Sovereign determination or disguised protectionism?: the Vitamin C Case – by MJV Abrenica
  • Recent trends in the gender gap in the labor market in the Philippines – by MIP Conchada, DHA Sy, MM Tiongco, & AR Paloyo
  • Automation, gigs, and other labor market tales: the Philippines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – by EF Esguerra
  • Revisiting the aid-growth nexus in light of the Sachs-Easterly debate – by SLS Daway-Ducanes & IJE Arzadon
  • Public debt and the threat of secession – by RM Molato-Gayares
  • What the new institutional economics owes Marx – by ES de Dios

PRE forthcoming issues and articles