Recent Publications

Discussion Papers 

  • (DP 2021-01) A Call to Arms to Fight Mediocre Education – by EA Tan
  • (DP 2021-02) Don’t let a “good” crisis go to waste: One-upmanship in local responses to the COVID-19 pandemic – by JTB Alvarez, JME Guinto, & JJ Capuno
  • (DP 2021-03) Dominance and divergence: Ethnic groups and preferences for redistribution in Southeast Asia – by JJ Capuno
  • (DP 2021-04) In whom we trust more? Heterogeneous effects of government assistance on trust in local officials in the Philippines – by JJ Capuno
  • (DP 2021-05) Accelerating Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation: Strengthening the Philippines’ Contribution to Limit Global Warming and Cope with its Impacts – by TMC Monsod, SJ Ahmed, & GP Hilario
  • (DP 2021-06) Virtues and institutions in Smith: a reconstruction – by ES de Dios
  • (DP 2021-07) Martial law and the Philippine economy – by ES de Dios, MS Gochoco-Bautista, & JC Punongbayan

PRE Articles

June 2020 issue —


  • Clubs, Coase, and the role of government – by J Roumasset
  • The COVID-19 pandemic, remittances and financial inclusion in the Philippines – by E Yamada, S Shimizutani, & E Murakami
  • Forces of modernization and the welfare of rural households: a saga of a village in Central Luzon, 1977-2013  – by FM Quimba &  J Estudillo
  • By his words alone: the economic consequences of Rodrigo Duterte – by EB Balderas & AM Bernardo
  • The conditional altruist and the Samaritan’s dilemma – by J Sescon
  • Forecasting Residential electricity demand in the Philippines using an Error Correction Model – by AG Santos
  • Then and now: analyzing Filipino youth education and work decisions following the 12 basic education reform – by MJ Vital

December 2020 issue (Special issue in Honor of Benito Legarda Jr.)–


  • Benito Legarda, Jr.: in his own words and an appreciation – by G Sicat
  • Dr. Benito Legarda, Jr. as economic diplomat  – by C Virata
  • Economist, historian, and patriot: Benito J. Legarda 1926-2020  – by J Williamson
  • The nexus of nationalism and internationalism: the journey of a “diplomat” after the galleons  – by Y Takagi
  • The Bullinger Pool in Burma, 1921 to the mid-1930s  – by MS Diokno
  • The BSP’s journey towards a progressive monetary policy framework – by E Glindro & M Oliva
  • Policy responses to shocks and monetary effectiveness under inflation targeting: The Philippine case – by 
    M Debuque-Gonzales
  • Global liquidity, global risk appetite, and the risk of credit and asset booms – by MS Gochoco-Bautista
  • Optimal saving and sustainable foreign debt – by D Villanueva & R Mariano
  • Fighting COVID-19: patterns in international data – by R Mariano & S Ozmucur