Congratulations to the UPSE undergraduate awardees for best paper

During the School’s Recognition Rites for the 2013/14 graduates, the 2014 G.P. Sicat and FMAP Awards Committee, composed of Profs. Stella Quimbo, Cielo Magno, and Marjorie Pajaron, announced the awards for the best undergraduate papers for SY 2013-2014.

2014 G.P. Sicat Awards for Best Thesis

DSC_0672-1st best thesis Sicat

First Best Paper

“It Takes Concentration : Measuring the Impact of Agglomeration on Growth”

Authors: Lesley Astrid A. Costales
Patricia Georgina B. Gonzales
Adviser: Prof. Ruperto P. Alonzo

DSC_0661-2nd best thesis Sicat

Second Best Paper

“Stochastic Projections of Philippine Rice Self-Sufficiency Amid Climate Variability”

Authors: Allen Bryan M. Cuerdo
Redbert Chris T. Maines
Adviser: Dean Ramon L. Clarete

DSC_0656-3rd best thesis Sicat

Third Best Paper

“An evaluation of the targeting performance of the regional offices in the implementation of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program”

Authors: Jade M. Cainglet
Christell Jill R. Garcia
Adviser: Prof. Orville Jose C. Solon


Fund Manager’s Association of the Philippines (FMAP) Best Monetary and Financial Economics Thesis Award

“Do Relative Yield Curve Factors Help Predict PH-US Exchange Rate Movements?”

Authors: Johannah D. Lim
Sabrina Mae L. Ong
Adviser: Prof. Margarita D. Gonzales

These were selected from a total of twenty-two (22) papers nominated by instructors in Economics 199 courses.

Author/s Title Adviser
Pilarta, Wilbert A. and Agbayani P. Pingol II The impact of CCT program on child labor: the case of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in the Philippines Carlos, F.
Jimenes, Kenneth Joseph C. and Allan Franklin E. Sampang Determinants of domestic regional tourism flows in the Philippines using a gravity-based model Carlos, F.
goldmedalCostales, Lesley Astrid A. and Patricia Georgina B. Gonzales It Takes concentration : measuring the impact of agglomeration on growth. Alonzo, R.
Ubaldo, Victor Cesar I. and Gabriel Antonio M. Mendoza Quantifying stock market trading behavior using google trends: the Philippine case Alonzo, R.
Baluyan, Maria Jannie Luiza C. and Kim Philip S. Salazar Wealth as an extra-legal factor in judicial decision making: probing the party capability theory in the Philippine context Ducanes, G.
Castro, Adrian Christian S. and John Paulo G. delas Nieves Adult labor supply effects of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program : a cross-sectional analysis Ducanes, G.
Tong, Maurice Alexis Z. The relationship of household income and children’s outcomes: an analysis using longitudinal data from the Philippines Horioka, C.
Crisostomo, Samantha Carissa D. and Rafael Vincent B. Mirafuente Measuring and monitoring the pace and pattern of inclusive growth in the Philippines Horioka, C.
Biscocho, Jessica Ruth G. and Margarita Samantha Gonzales Price and cross-price effects on MRT elasticity: finding the instruments of change for optimal MRT fare setting Horioka, C.
Bondad, Nicole Danika s. and Queennie O. Mindanao Estimating tenure choice and housing demand in the Philippines Horioka, C.
Claro, Maria Ryna Angelica T. and Mark Carmelo R. Manguera The economics of voting behavior and Filipino altruism Lim, J.
Damian, Paulo S. and Celina Rachel T. Umali Is income the best happiness pill? Analyzing the effect of income on the poor’s subjective well-being Lim, J.
De Vera, Janine P. and Angeli Gabrielle F. Medida Impact of living arrangements on schooling outcomes: a case study on Metropolitan Cebu using fixed effects estimation Lim, J.
Bustamante, Rupert Jeremiah A. IV Cultural economics : a theoretical approach to valuing Philippine contemporary art Reside, R.
Crisostomo, Ma. Chairmane R. and Mariel Angeli R. Quines Default risk in microfinance : an analysis of the institutional constraints of microfinance organizations in the Philippines Reside, R.
Miranda, Erol Louis V. and Mark Daniel P. Valenzuela Exploring the relationship of non-academic utilization of the internet and academic productivity with a focus on University of the Philippines Diliman students Reside, R.
Mangosing, Daniell Mark L. The looming electricity conundrum: real-time price elasticity of demand of electricity and the possibility of market power Reside, R.
bronzeCainglet, Jade M. and Christell Jill R. Garcia An evaluation of the targeting performance of the regional offices in the implementation of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Solon, O.
Coronel, Lianca Patrice P., Jose F. Yambao III Political dynasty intensity in the local governments of Metro Manila Balanquit, R.
Nacar, Nadine S. and Rodelyn L. Rodillas Determinants of teacher shortages in Philippine public secondary schools (SY 2005-2006 to 2010-2011) Gonzales, M.
goldmedalLim, Johannah D. and Sabrina Mae L. Ong Do relative yield curve factors help predict PH-US exchange rate movements? Gonzales, M.
silvermedalCuerdo , Allen Bryan M. And Redbert Chris T. Maines Stochastic Projections of Philippine Rice Self-Sufficiency Amid Climate Variability Clarete R.