Orville Jose C. Solon, PhD


Research Interests

  • Health Economics, Public Economics, Economics of Regulation, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics

Teaching, Research, Other Positions

  • Professor, School of Economics, University of the Philippines
  • Chief of Party, Health Policy Development Program (USAID-supported 5-year program to support the development of an effective policy and financing environment to sustain advancement in  family health), 2006-Present
  • Consultant to the Philippine Secretary of Health on F1 and SDAH, June 2005-Sept. 2006
  • Overall Team Leader of the DOH-WB National Sector Support for Health Reform Project Preparation phase, Apr. 2005- June 2006
  • Team Leader, Mid-Project Evaluation of the MSH-LEAD for Health Project, Aug. 2005-Oct. 2005
  • Co-principal Investigator – USNIH Supported Evaluation Study of the Philippine Health Sector Reforms (QIDS-EHSRA), 2003-present
  • Consultant to the Vietnam National Health Support Project, 2003
  • Lead researcher evaluating the progress of HSRA implementation and the accomplishments of the USAID supported MSH-HSRTAP, 2002

Selected Publications

  • Quimbo SA, Peabody JW, Javier X, Shimkhada R, Solon O. “Pushing on a String: How Policy Might Encourage Private Doctors to Compete with the Public Sector on the Basis of Quality,” Economics Letters, doi:10,1016/j.econlet.2010.10.021
  • Quimbo S, Peabody JW, Shimkhada R, Solon O. “Evidence of a Causal Link Between Health Outcomes, Insurance Coverage and a Policy to Expand Access:  Experimental Data from Children in the Philippines,” Health Economics, n/a. doi: 10.1002/hec.1621
  • Peabody JW, Florentino J, Shimkhada R, Solon O, Quimbo S. “Quality Variation and Its Impact on Costs and Satisfaction,” Med Care 2010;48: 25–30
  • Panelo C, Shimkhada R, Solon O, Quimbo S, Florentino J, Peabody JW. “Understanding Predictors of Postdischarge Deaths:  A Prospective Evaluation of Children under 5 years Discharged from Philippine District Hospitals,” Asia Pacific Public Health Journal. doi:10.1177/ 1010539509342120
  • James C, Peabody JW, Solon O, Quimbo S, Hanson K. “An Unhealthy Public Private Tension: The Impact of Physician Pharmacy Ownership on Prescribing Practices and Patient Spending,” Health Affairs (in press)
  • Kraft AD, Quimbo S, Solon O, Shimkhada R, Florentino J, Peabody JW. “The Health and Cost Impact of Care Delay and the Experimental Impact of Insurance on Reducing Delays,” Journal of Pediatrics Vol. 155, No. 2, August 2009
  • Solon O, Peabody JW, Woo K,  Quimbo SA, Florentino J, Shimkhada R. “An Evaluation of the Cost-Effectiveness of Policy Navigators to Improve Access to Care for The Poor in the Philippines,” Health Policy 92 (2009) 8995
  • Solon O, Woo K, Quimbo SA, Shimkhada R, Florentino J, Peabody JW. A novel method for measuring health care system performance: experience from QIDS in the Philippines.Health Policy Plan. 2009 May; 24(3):167-74

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