Application for Shifting/Transfer Ongoing


1. The applicants must have completed the following minimum units for Pre-Econ courses:

30 units ——————- Sophomore applicants
60 units ——————- Junior applicants

Pre-econ courses include general education courses in the relevant SE curricula (i.e., BS-Economics and BS Business Economics). Courses taken under the applicant’s old curriculum that qualify as free electives will be credited if and when the applicant is accepted and will also be considered for evaluation purposes.

2. The applicant can not make up for any inadequacy in the number of units by enrolling during the Summer after the application period. Thus, if a sophomore applicant has completed only 27 units of qualified pre-econ courses as of the time of application, the course(s) he or she will enroll during the summer after the application period will not be considered.

In computing the general weighted average a grade of “4” will be counted if not yet removed. If removed by means of exam, the final grade of “3” or “5” will be counted. If the student re-enrolled in course, “4” remains “4” until course is completed in which case, the final grade on re-enrollment and the grade of “4” is inputted. If not removed or student does not re-enroll within the prescribed period of one year, “4” becomes “5”.

3. General weighted average requirements for sophomore and junior applicants, currently enrolled is 2.25.

4. The applicants must have not been found guilty of any offense.

5. The applicants must attach a recent 2×2 passport size photo on the application form.

6. The applicant must submit an original “TRUE COPY OF GRADES” with dry seal or a copy certified by the college with dry seal for all courses taken.

7. The applicant must submit a certification signed by the Secretary of the College where he is primarily enrolled that he is not under contract to finish the degree in said college.

8. The applicant must pay a non-refundable fee of P30.00 to UP Cashier’s Office to cover the cost of printing materials issued to him.

9. If the applicant wishes to substitute any course for the pre-econ courses, he must submit a duly accomplished substitution form from the college where he is presently enrolled.

10. Upon notice of admission to the College, the applicant must be ready to submit the following:

a. PERMIT TO TRANSFER certificate issue by the Secretary of the College where he is primarily enrolled.

b. PROPERTY CLEARANCE (S) from the college where subjects were taken.

c. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS with dry seal for admitted applicants from other UP Units, to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar copy furnished SE 101.


1. The applicant must ensure that he or she has complied with all requirements since only applications with complete requirements will be processed. Those who fail to meet any of the requirements need not apply.

2. Since application slots are limited, applicants will be ranked. Thus, compliance with the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.


Undergraduate Program Director