(Updated: 13 May 2020)

Requirements for Regular Admission

Freshman students are admitted directly to the School through the U.P. College Admissions Test.

Students from other units of UP may be admitted subject to the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must have a weighted average of 2.25 or better in all academic courses taken in the University. Additionally, when an applicant has already taken one or more economics courses, he must have a weighted average of 2.25 or better in economics.
  2. Incoming sophomores must have a passing grade in Math 20, and a numerical grades in Math 21 and Econ 11. Incoming juniors must have a passing grade in Math 20, numeric grades in Math 17 as equivalent course to Math 20, Math 21 (or Math 100 as equivalent course), Math 30 (or Math 102 as equivalent course), Econ 11, Econ 101, Econ 102, BA 99.1 and BA 99.2 (or Acctng 1 as equivalent course).
  3. Admission is subject to the quota conditions of the School.
  4. Applications for admission, which are considered only at the beginning of the school year, must be submitted to the Secretary’s Office not later than 30 calendar days after the last day of classes of the second semester of the preceding school year.

In exceptional cases the revised rules on admission may be waived by the Dean upon the recommendation of the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Performance. These revised rules are applicable beginning with the incoming freshman students for academic year 2018-2019.

Additional Requirements for Shifting/Transferring

For AY 2022-2023, please read these guidelines for shifting and transferring to UPSE.


Inquiries may be directed to:

Office of the College Secretary
School of Economics, University of the Philippines
Quezon City, Philippines 1101
Tel. (632) 9205482 and 9818500 local 3477

c/o Ms. Joyce M. Evangelista
Fax (632) 9205482 and 9818500 local 3477