1976 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 1976-01) The Philippine Wage Structure in May 1969 Abstract PDF
Rosa Linda P. Tidalgo
(DP 1976-02) Growth Accounting of the Philippines: Comparative Study of the 1965 and 1969 Input-Output Tables Abstract PDF
Mitsuo Ezaki
(DP 1976-03) Income and Labor Force Participation Rates of Women in the Philippines Abstract PDF 1/2 PDF 2/2
Mahar K. Mangahas, Teresa Jayme-Ho
(DP 1976-04) A Comparative Study of Trade Patterns of the Philippines and Thailand Abstract PDF
Pichai Chumvichitra
(DP 1976-05) Media for Skills Formation Abstract PDF
Edita A. Tan
(DP 1976-06) The Labor Force Participation Rate of Married Women in Pasig Author Judy Castro and Celia Reynes-Salazar Abstract PDF
Judy Castro, Celia Reynes-Salazar
(DP 1976-07) A Note on Central Bank Regulations of the Financial System Abstract PDF
Edita A. Tan
(DP 1976-08) Time Allocation, Home Production and Labor Force Participation of Married Women: An Explanatory Survey Abstract PDF
Teresa Jayme-Ho
(DP 1976-09) Economic Theory and Social Accounting System Abstract PDF
Mitsuo Ezaki
(DP 1976-10) A Study of Financial Flows in the Philippines (Revised June 1976) Abstract PDF
Richard Hooley, Honorata A. Moreno
(DP 1976-12) The Role of the Filipino Mother in the Determination of Child care and Breast-Feeding Behavior Abstract PDF
Barry Michael Popkin
(DP 1976-14) Careers of the College Educated Abstract PDF
Edita A. Tan
(DP 1976-15) Philippines Export Trade with Japan and the United States, 1962-1971 Abstract
Romeo M. Bautista, Gwendolyn R. Tecson
(DP 1976-18) Philippine Experience in Labor Absorption 1956 to 1973 Abstract PDF
Rosa Linda P. Tidalgo
(DP 1976-19) Children and Household Economic Activity in Laguna Philippines Abstract PDF
Bryan L. Boulier
(DP 1976-20) Time Allocation and Philippine Rural Households (Revised September 1976) Abstract PDF
Elizabeth M. King
(DP 1976-22) Philippine Export Trade with Japan and the United States, 1962-1971 Abstract PDF
Romeo M. Bautista, Gwendolyn R. Tecson
(DP 1976-23) Intraurban Location as a Clue to Conditions in the Informal Sector Abstract PDF
Eli Remolona
(DP 1976-24) Interrelated Products and the Elasticity of Export Supply in Developing Countries Abstract PDF
Romeo M. Bautista
(DP 1976-26) Time Budget of Married Women in Rural Household: Laguna Abstract PDF
Teresa Jayme-Ho
(DP 1976-27) Poverty Measurement and Nutrition Abstract PDF
Rosa Linda Valenzona
(DP 1976-28) Income Education, Fertility and Employment: Philippines 1973 Abstract PDF
Dante B. Canlas, Jose Encarnacion, Jr.