1979 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 1979-01) The Role of Institutional Changes in the Growth of Postwar Japan Abstract PDF
Harry T. Oshima
(DP 1979-02) The Role of Manpower Development in Postwar Asian Differential Growth Abstract PDF
Harry T. Oshima
(DP 1979-03) Impact of Public Agricultural Land Distribution on Farm Size Inequality in Palawan, 1951-1975 Abstract PDF
Jovito G. Inoferio
(DP 1979-04) Will High Interest Rates Lead to Increased Real Savings? A Comment on the Interest Rate Reform in South Korea Abstract PDF
Rene Encarnacion
(DP 1979-05) On How to Measure Poverty Abstract PDF
Mahar K. Mangahas
(DP 1979-06) Sharecropping, Production Externalities and the Theory of Contracts Abstract PDF
James Roumasset
(DP 1979-07) Why Are We Reluctant to Set Numerical Equity Targets? (Comments on the 1978-1982 Five-Year Development Plan) Abstract PDF
Mahar K. Mangahas
(DP 1979-08) Fertility Behavior and Labor Force Participation: A Model of Lexicographic Choice Abstract PDF
Jose Encarnacion, Jr.
(DP 1979-09) The Validation of Programming Models: The Philippine Experience Abstract PDF
Gil R. Rodriguez, Jr., David E. Kunkel
(DP 1979-10) Education and the Labor Force Participation of Married Women: West Malaysia 1970 Abstract PDF
Dante B. Canlas, Mohd Razak
(DP 1979-11) The Economic Costs of Children in the Philippines: A Survey Abstract PDF
Ernesto M. Pernia
(DP 1979-12) Limits to the Price of Oil Abstract PDF 1/2 PDF 2/2
Theodoro M. Santos
(DP 1979-13) An Analysis of Wife's Labor Force Participation in the Philippines and the Threshold Hypothesis Abstract PDF 1/3 PDF 2/3 PDF 3/3
Vicente B. Paqueo, Edna Angeles
(DP 1979-14) An Empirical Analysis of a Disequilibrium Model of Fertility Behavior and the Threshold Hypothesis: 1973 Philippines Abstract PDF
Vicente B. Paqueo, Joseph Fernandez
(DP 1979-15) A Short Note on Economies of Scale in Transactions Demand for Money Abstract PDF
Ricardo D. Ferrer
(DP 1979-16) The Distribution of Income and Wealth: A Survey of Philippine Research Abstract PDF 1/5 PDF 2/5 PDF 3/5 PDF 4/5 PDF 5/5
Mahar K. Mangahas, Bruno Barros
(DP 1979-17) The Impact of Two Communal Irrigation Projects in the Philippines Abstract PDF
William Sander
(DP 1979-18) The Upper Pampanga River Project s Impact on Nonfarm Employment and Regional Growth Abstract PDF
William Sander
(DP 1979-19) Optimal Resource Allocation: An Application to the Philippine Family Planning Program Abstract PDF
Rolando A. Danao
(DP 1979-20) A Simple Model of Squatters Abstract PDF
Eli M. Remolona
(DP 1979-21) On the Effect of Multicollinearity Upon the Properties of Structural Coefficient Estimators Abstract PDF
Robert S. Mariano, James B. McDonald, Asher Tisher
(Dp 1979-22) On the Maximum Likelihood Method of Factor Analysis Abstract PDF
Susan S. Navarro
(DP 1979-23) Large Sample Asymptotic Expansions for General Linear Simultaneous Systems Under Misspecification Abstract PDF
Roberto S. Mariano, John G. Ramage