2001 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 2001-01) The Next President Could Be an Economist: Or Gloria Macapagal as an Economist Abstract PDF
Gerardo P. Sicat
(DP 2001-02) Estimating the Income Elasticity of Local Government Revenues and Expenditures under Decentralization Abstract PDF
Joseph J. Capuno
(DP 2001-03) The Legality of the Estrada Removal: The Condorcet Jury Perspective Abstract PDF
Raul V. Fabella
(DP 2001-04) Is Local Development Good Politics? Local Development Expenditures and the Re-election of Governors in the Philippines for 1992, 1995 and 1998 Abstract PDF
Orville Jose C. Solon, Raul V. Fabella, Joseph J. Capuno
(DP 2001-05) What Drives Monetary Policy? Abstract PDF
Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista
(DP 2001-06) Consumption or Income Taxation for the Philippines? Abstract PDF
Casimiro V. Miranda, Jr.
(DP 2001-07) Multiple Juries and Two-Party Representative Democracy in the Condorcet Jury Framework Abstract PDF
Raul V. Fabella
(DP 2001-08) Two Decades of Vector Autoregression (VAR) Modeling: A Survey Abstract PDF
Renato E. Reside, Jr.
(DP 2001-09) Growth, Inequality, Politics, and Poverty Reduction in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Arsenio M. Balisacan, Nobuhiko Fuwa
(DP 2001-10) Recent Fiscal Development in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Cayetano W. Paderanga, Jr.
(DP 2001-11) Probing Beneath Cross-National Averages: Poverty, Inequality, and Growth in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Arsenio M. Balisacan, Ernesto M. Pernia