2006 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 2006-01) Towards Rational Fiscal Incentives (Good Investments or Wasted Gifts?) Abstract PDF
Renato E. Reside Jr.
(DP 2006-02) Diaspora, Remittances, and Poverty in RP’s Regions Abstract PDF
Ernesto M. Pernia
(DP 2006-03) Overseas Filipino's Remittance Behavior Abstract PDF
Edita A. Tan
(DP 2006-04) What Type of Monetary and Exchange Rate Cooperation do China’s Asian Neighbors Want from China? Abstract PDF
Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista, Raul V. Fabella
(DP 2006-05) Philippine Macroeconomic Issues And Their Causes Abstract PDF
Gerardo P. Sicat