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Ending ‘endo’ — larger issues

The call to end “contractualization” is but a continuation of the opposition led by organized labor against the practice of employing workers on a non-regular basis. Costly regulation or not, there are real economic reasons for the variety of contractual arrangements observed in the Philippine labor market.

A blow to UP’s honor

We deplore in the strongest terms the violence perpetrated last Wednesday, September 17, by a group of protesters against Secretary Florencio B. Abad outside the U.P. School of Economics auditorium.

Population, poverty, politics and the Reproductive Health bill

The population issue has long been dead and buried in developed and most developing countries, including historically Catholic countries. That it continues to be debated heatedly in our country merely testifies to the lack of progress in policy and action. The Catholic Church hierarchy has maintained its traditional stance against modern family planning (FP) methods,...

Searching for the balance between flexibility and workers’ security (Is it time to reform labor market policies?)

The protection of labor and the regulation of labor-capital relations are fundamental elements of Philippine labor policy. This protective posture is enshrined in the Constitution (Art. XIII), and reaffirmed in the Labor Code of the Philippines which provides the legal basis for all existing labor market policies and regulations. In recent years these policies and regulations...