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A blow to UP’s honor

We deplore in the strongest terms the violence perpetrated last Wednesday, September 17, by a group of protesters against Secretary Florencio B. Abad outside the U.P. School of Economics auditorium.

‘Time inconsistency’: the Phillips Curve example

We provide the algebra and a panel diagram to attempt to examine the so-called inflation- unemployment (or Phillips curve, or aggregate supply) example. This is used to analyze whether there is indeed “time inconsistency” or “dynamic inconsistency” in the said example.

An exercise on discrete-time intertemporal optimization

Using the different alternative methods of dynamic optimization we derive the conditions that must be satisfied by the solution to the so-called Ramsey problem in a way that can be understood by advanced undergraduate economics students.

Population, poverty, politics and the Reproductive Health bill

The population issue has long been dead and buried in developed and most developing countries, including historically Catholic countries. That it continues to be debated heatedly in our country merely testifies to the lack of progress in policy and action. The Catholic Church hierarchy has maintained its traditional stance against modern family planning (FP) methods,...