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The transnational education law: a response to globalization

Foreign institutions of higher education are now allowed to set up educational services in partnerships with local universities in the country under the Transnational Higher Education Act (Republic Act 1148).

Globalization and its challenges

Last week, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) sponsored a conference, held at the Sofitel Hotel in Manila, on the “new” globalization and the national programs of action to face its challenges.

Crude oil prices to rise: the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil plants

Crude oil supplies – still a major fuel for the world’s economy despite efforts to diversify away from it – are again in uncertain territory.

Colonial economic and social development: 1898-1941

We explore more aspects of Philippine economic history during the American colonial period (1898 to 1941, inclusive). This was a critical period of preparation for political independence which would become real by 1946.

National interest versus world welfare

There is a saying. “All politics is local.” Hence, national policies are an expression of local policies. Last week’s topic about the Amazon fires and the danger to world environment is an indication of local politics coming to clash with world welfare issues.

Rainforests and the Amazon: economic development and the environment

The news of the week for environment watchers is the extensive Amazon fires. Burning forest lands in Brazil flashed across TV and has raised alarmed commentaries about global warming.

Prices of our favorite local fruits have become more expensive

There is a price phenomenon about native fruits in the food basket. Why have our favorite local fruits become much more expensive?

GDP growth 2019 — factors to consider

A lingering question for the whole year is whether the year’s growth target of around six percent for 2019 is achievable.

Employment and activity in the informal economy

It is in the informal sector where those who cannot find good jobs in the modern sector are absorbed. Here the rules and regulations of work and employment are ignored, or simply do not apply.

Veto of the SOT: promoting good jobs in the modern sector

President Duterte vetoed the “security of tenure” bill, bravely and for good reasons last week. It made good sense for the President to heed the pleas of the business sector simply by focusing on the country’s labor market situation.

Toward an investment-driven growth

The Duterte administration has introduced investment-driven growth and has raised the growth rate. However, the quality of the economic growth still needs to improve so that the economy’s modern sector of industry and commercial services becomes highly productive.

Winners from the US-China trade war

The Philippines does not appear to be gaining much from these developments that are profoundly transforming some of our Asian neighbors, especially Vietnam.