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The effects of term limits and yardstick competition on local government provision of health insurance and other public services: The Philippine case

(with  Stella A. Quimbo, Aleli D. Kraft, Carlos Antonio R. Tan, Jr., and Vigile Marie B. Fabella) We investigate the effects of two accountability measures on the decisions of the local governments under decentralization. Using a panel of Philippine municipalities and cities in three election years, we find that term limits have negative but weak...

Household choices, circumstances and equity of access to basic health and education services in the Philippines

In developing countries like the Philippines, a major policy concern is the inequity in access to health and education services. In this paper, we investigate the effects of factors over which households have control (“choices”) or none (“circumstances”) on their access to basic services. Our logit regression analyses of two nationwide household surveys reveal

Household out-of-pocket health spending, health insurance coverage, and children’s school attendance in the Philippines

The microeconomics of family posits that households value and promote the welfare of their members, but given limited resources, their investments in terms of time and money in their children’s health and education and expenditures on other consumption goods are necessarily jointly determined. In this paper, we develop and test a household allocation model that...