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Motives and giving norms behind remittances: The case of Filipino overseas workers and their recipient households

(with Jessaine Soraya C. Sugui) The literature has focused on motives to explain remittance behavior. But as non‐anonymous transfers, remittances are apt to be influenced by giving norms as well. We formulate an empirical specification that takes account of remittance motives involving worker‐household pairs.

Economic models on the motives behind migrant workers’ remittances

(DP 2008-07) Abstract — No abstract provided. — View or download full paper (.pdf): http://www.econ.upd.edu.ph/dp/index.php/dp/article/view/94/86

Why has the Philippines remained a poor country? Some perspectives from growth economics

Why has the living standard of the Philippines relative to that of the U.S. not risen unlike its Asian neighbors? Using data on national income accounts and the workforce from the Penn World Table (version 6.1) and years of schooling from Barro and Lee (2000) as well as a simple neoclassical model and some empirical...