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Selected faculty publications 2015-2018

Publications by UPSE Faculty from 2015 indexed in the Web of Science (Thomson-Reuters).

Gochoco-Bautista on martial law economy

Professor Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista responded to a series of wide-ranging questions regarding the economy under martial law in an interview with CNN Philippines on 24 September 2018.

Fabella and Daway-Ducanes on federalism

Businessworld covered a UPSE discussion paper co-authored by Professors Raul Fabella and Sarah Lynne Daway-Ducanes on federalism.

Tribute to Ruping Alonzo by former UP President Roman

Former UP President Emerlinda R. Roman pays tribute to Professor and former University Vice-President Ruperto P. Alonzo.

de Dios on the economy under Marcos

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Professor Emmanuel S. de Dios provides a perspective on the economic performance under the Marcos regime.

Magno quoted on sugar tax

UPSE faculty Cielo Magno's views on the proposed tax on sugary drinks were extensively covered in an ABS-CBN News Online article.

Commissioner Guanzon addresses the 2017 UPSE graduating class

The tradition of protesting against wrongs is inseparable from our tradition of honor and excellence. It is inseparable because UP brought us up to serve the people, with honor and excellence. So when some say we protest too much, I tell them they protest too little.
Tax reform should include mining

Tax reform should include mining

Cielo Magno was interviewed on ANC Early Edition
Canlas on Dutertenomics

Canlas on Dutertenomics

While funding a vigorous infrastructure roadmap is a good long term investment for the country, the authorities should make sure that supportive fiscal measures, such as tax reforms for generating higher revenue, are carried out to veer the nation away from getting further mired in debt.

NYT quotes Magno

Magno comments on shutdown of polluting mines.

Cynch pays tribute to Dondon

This tribute was read at the UP School of Economics’ Tribute in honor of Dr. Cayetano Paderanga, 12 February 2016; UPSE Auditorium.

Selected faculty publications 2010-2014

Publications by UPSE Faculty in 2010-2014 indexed in the Web of Science (Thomson-Reuters).