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The case for CITIRA’s lowering the corporate income tax

That the link between statutory corporate income tax on the one hand, and economic growth and corporate investment, on the other, seems so tenuous was a surprise.

Raul Fabella’s response at the book launch of “Momentum”

Response delivered in behalf of the authors.

Open and affluent societies: Angst in Paradise

They have become a little bit like us, blemished, threatened and conflicted. Welcome to the human condition!

Bottom-line and Mother Earth meet in the rooftop solar power array

Companies are re-tooling to become the disruptors rather than the disrupted in the solar PV revolution!

Duterte’s veto

The veto shows that Duterte’s populism remains for the moment “bridled”; by economic common sense, that is.

The wisdom of the great unwashed

Did they give the prim and proper of the Philippines a lesson in discernment? Only time will tell.

Twilight of the rule of law

The MWSS decision constitutes a rape of the rule of law even if the concessionaires decided to hold their horses. If left to stand, it establishes a precedent that a guilty party can reap political pogi points by scapegoating a vulnerable party.

Embracing the light

Solar PV and storage technology now allow us to transform the abundance of light from a liability into an enormous asset, one which promises to leapfrog the problem of high electricity cost.

Hidden violations of competitive neutrality

A rule or law may be de jure neutral but may be de facto nonneutral, that is, enforced in a nonneutral manner by the biased enforcement of the law.

Small town blues

When the big national retailers take interest in and flock to a local regional market, local capitalists tremble and scramble for refuge in remoter small towns, pushing even smaller players to the wall.

Carpenter versus plunderer

“Lo! unto us a child is born!” Not just any child but a child of a carpenter who would follow in his father’s footsteps (Mark 6:3). Carpentry creates value as it transforms plain wood into a beautiful cabinet. Honest hard work is carpentry’s signature. It is the exact opposite of plunder.

The Third Telco project, winner’s curse and sustainability

The impact of the third telco on consumer welfare depends upon the extent of the collusive behavior in the extant duopoly market and on the new efficiencies the third telco introduces.