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Three against Leila

All three against Leila. She could take them all on, and win. Only, she’s in jail. So they’re safe.

Let’s hear it for NKTI

The NKTI formula is quite straightforward: Good professional leadership, an excellent, committed staff, and no corruption.

PSA’s assessment: a failing grade for Ph

Are we doing well or not? If you want to make up your mind based on hard evidence rather than press releases, false news, etc., the best place to go is to the PSA itself—its website, in the section called StatDev.

An appeal to the UP Board of Regents

This column is an appeal to the Board of Regents (BOR) of the University of the Philippines to reverse a decision by UP president Danny Concepcion regarding a cheating case in the UP School of Economics (UPSE).

Free Sen. Leila de Lima

I am again writing about the case described by Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as “one of the grossest injustices ever perpetrated in recent memory in full view of the Filipino people and the whole world.”

The Chinese invasion

I don’t know what those offshore gaming workers do, but it doesn’t sound like they are an asset for the Philippines. More like liabilities.

There is hope for the country

The students of the University of the Philippines have recently shown what they are made of. And they have shown up their elders in the university, because they insist that the university live up to its motto “Honor and Excellence,” where honor takes pride of place.

Apologize to Trillanes’ mother, Mr. President

All this bluster does not help—your reputation, your credibility, our country. Who wants to have a President who is caught in a barefaced lie? Man up, Mr. President.

Praying for the President and our country

While he is no saint, neither is he the devil he is sometimes made out to be. And if you, Reader, don’t know what to make of him after comparing his pluses and minuses, and still want to give him a chance, why don’t you pray for him?

China ‘our friend’? By what logic?

President Duterte, in his latest pronouncements, has magnanimously decided that he would allow Chinese fisherfolk to fish in disputed Philippine waters because they are “our friends.” Let us parse this statement—in the sense of examining or analyzing it minutely.

Lessons to learn from the HK Chinese

What can we learn from the Hong Kong Chinese in so far as the handling of mainland China’s designs on them?

Why are we so craven?

It’s really an open invitation for China to do whatever it wants with us, and we will welcome whatever it dishes out.