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Cesar Virata: Life and Times Through Four Decades of Philippine Economic History – A Brief Review

The book, authored by Gerardo P. Sicat and published by UP Press, provides a broad sweep of post-war economic history, yet it instructively details important aspects of how economic policy evolved. It offers a valuable macroeconomic perspective on our country while discoursing on the varied roles played by the subject in the economy.

El pais del abaca: Rizal’s aesthetic injustice?

Rizal’s use of thinly disguised references to real-life characters, places, and events in his novels is well known. But just how much Rizal revelled in deploying real-life material can be seen in his use of the device in even the most trivial and incidental details.

Conjecture vs. evidence: a reiteration

[with Sharon F. Piza] This is a reply to RV Fabella’s methodological rejoinder to criticisms of his paper ‘CARP: time to let go’.

On criticisms of ‘CARP: time to let go’: a methodological rejoinder

This rejoinder is written for a pedagogical purpose: this is a rare opportunity for our students current and past to learn from an actual methodological debate.

A country like any other, Chs. 17-18

Chapter 17: History and memory

Chapter 18: Outsiders

A country like any other, Chs. 15-16

Chapter 15: Life and death in Gaza

Chapter 16: The loneliest people in the Holy Land

A country like any other, Chs. 13-14

Chapter 13: Shabbat conversations

Chapter 14: Jerusalem stories

A country like any other, Chs. 11-12

Chapter 11: Violence

Chapter 12: Fear

A country like any other, Chs. 9-10

Chapter 9: This is not Israel -- Part I

Chapter 10: This is not Israel -- Part II

A country like any other, Chs. 7-8

Chapter 7. On Language

Chapter 8. Among Jews

A country like any other, Chs. 5-6

Chapter 5: West Bank stories

Chapter 6: Refugees

A country like any other: Chs. 3-4

Chapter 3: Interactions

Chapter 4: Travelling in the Holy Land