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Monthly archive April 2012

Power off

Mindanao is now experiencing frequent power failures. Given the nature of the problem, the situation is expected to get worse before it gets better. That should not come as a surprise. As early as two years ago, energy experts have been predicting such power outages in Mindanao and the Visayas. Yet, the government has failed...

Tax reform, poor institutions

This early, political pressure is rising. Senatorial slates are starting to take shape as politicians gear for the May 2013 midterm elections. Yet, Congress is still in the midst of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona. In the meantime, the legislative agenda has been stalled.

The Philippine economy (IV) — lessons from manufacturing promotion and foreign direct investments (FDIs)

One feature of the Philippine economy that is obvious from the national income accounts is the stagnation and then decline of manufacturing as a percent share of the total economy. Manufacturing is the backbone of the industrial sector which includes many of the major industrial utilities serving the economy.

Remittances, inclusive growth

The Philippines has been quite successful in taking advantage of opportunities offered by the global labor markets probably more than have many other developing countries. Unfortunately, however, migration has been dictated by necessity -- not by choice. What should have been just an interim reliance on migration and remittances while policy reforms were supposed to...

Questions for the JBC

For Renato Corona to have been included in the list of nominees for associate justice of the Supreme Court in 2002, he must have gotten the unanimous endorsement of the JBC members at the time. Why? Because there already was a question regarding his integrity.

Counting chickens

President Aquino III expressed his intention to revive Philippine manufacturing. That’s welcome news. But instead of counting chickens before they’re hatched, he should focus on fixing the things that need to be fixed to make the Philippines an attractive place for foreign and domestic manufacturers. The to-do list is quite formidable, however.