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Monthly archive January 2013

2012 in review

It may be rather late to do a yearender, but much of what I’ve read so far tends to be either fulsome or excessively critical. So this is going to be a pluses-and-minuses review, albeit partial, of both the economy and the polity, with the time period under review including the first nine days of...

Church as leaven of society

Underdevelopment can be attributed in no small measure to dysfunctional institutions. This can be said of our two major institutions, Church and State, constitutionally separate but with intersecting objectives and policies. Deep reforms must take place if the country is to move faster to be in step with the globalized community of nations. ...

The Philippine stock market boom

“Boom in the stock market.” The PSEi (Philippine Stock Exchange Index) which reached its highest level in 2012 closed the year at 5,812.7, representing a 33 percent from the 2011 closing level. Such performance was second only to Thailand’s among stock markets. In 2011, the PSEi led all other stock exchange indices in its rise....

3 reasons why PCGG should continue its efforts

I can think of at least three very good reasons why the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) should not be abolished. In fact, after looking at these reasons, the Reader will likely agree with me that not only should it not be abolished, but it should be strengthened.

Trees, the nation, you and me (also a memoir)

The UP (University of the Philippines) Carillon Tower between the University Theater and the tennis courts has a new neighbor – the Washington SyCip Garden of Native Trees. Situated behind these recognizable edifices, the garden is in a plot of land of less than 1,000 square meters.

Above the law

What is it that makes Filipino officials think that they are above the law? Given a lawful order that goes against them -- for their arrest, suspension, or whatever -- these people will avoid, evade, defy, refuse.