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Monthly archive March 2013

Win-win solution needed for the Sabah issue

I certainly agree with P-Noy that the standoff in Malaysia must end. But it must end with all sides holding their heads high, honor and dignity intact. As it is now, unfortunately, it looks like two sides are being made to back off, tail between legs. And that is not acceptable.

A nation’s ‘absorptive capacity’ and its current relevance

Is the nation’s “absorptive capacity” enabling the country to achieve its full potential for growth? Are investment decisions making the economy more efficient? These two questions have an identical answer: No.

Fiscal myopia

In the provision of public infrastructure, the Philippines is the worst performing among ASEAN-5 economies. Foreign investors identified poor public infrastructure as one of the reasons why the Philippines has failed to attract foreign direct investments.

Political dynasties

The results of the latest senatorial surveys indicate that the anti-political dynasty movement/s haven’t shown themselves to be effective so far -- or at the very least, the results are mixed. In any case, it is clear that seven out of the 12 candidates who are in the winner’s circle are members of political dynasties....

Slay the money-making monster

On three occasions, I’ve written about an amorphous organization that is lording it over, and has amassed large sums of undeserved profits from, the trading of government securities. It could potentially be the biggest financial scam in Philippine history.