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Monthly archive July 2015

On Piketty’s “Capital”

One of the first questions I asked myself as I began to read Capital was: why was this book not written before?

Summas, magnas and all the other graduates: life as continuous learning process

Soon enough, all graduates realize that as true life commences – beyond schooling – there are many factors that determine “success in life.” Even this can be defined, and of course there could be a debate in the definition of what constitutes success.

A Greek tragedy

A euro exit has the potential to transform Greece, Europe and the whole world.

Of CALAx, industrial policy and the nature of the State

The first CALAx auction in June 2014 — won by Team Orion with a bid of P11.66 billion in premium payment — was scrapped by the government when a technicality disqualified contender, SMC-affiliated Optimal Infrastructure, opened its bid document to the public, revealing a P20.1-billion bid.

As important as who the next prez will be

I will not write about Binay this week. I will write instead on a matter that is at least as important to the Philippines as who the next president will be: the West Philippine Sea (WPS). The Reader, however, may find certain similarities in the two issues.