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Monthly archive September 2015


Like Lolong, some of his human counterparts have achieved international notoriety. The 10 most corrupt leaders on the list come from nine countries. But unlike Lolong, they do not attract tourists and create revenue for the Philippines. Exactly the opposite occurs: They divert toward themselves revenues meant for the country, and drive away investors...

Fair compensation and other prerequisites to mining for development

The challenge of mineral-based development is ensuring that the returns from extraction are invested in human capital and infrastructure to support development and ensure long-term benefit from the activities. Strong government regulations should also be in place to reduce damage to the environment.

Economics of living long lives

My topic today deals with the economics of living far beyond one’s economically productive years . My starting point is the thread of life from the histories of two mothers whose lives have affected my own in extraordinary ways.

As Aquino term nears the end, its chances of attaining inclusive growth are quickly fading

With 10 months to go before his term ends, the likelihood that President Aquino III’s would achieve his promise of a strong, sustained and inclusive economic growth is fading fast.

Binay asking for his day in court?

Vice President Jejomar Binay should clarify his stand with regard to the role of the courts in the charges that have arisen against him (overpriced Makati buildings, Hacienda Binay, etc.) in connection with the Senate hearings.

China’s stock market collapse: contagion?

As I write, I witness the continuation of world stock market turbulence and uncertainty that began in Shanghai since June this year and continues in New York to this minute. The last two days have been much more turbulent on both ends of these financial centers.