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Rice tariffication good for the country, Filipino farmers

Putting aside the topic of complying with our World Trade Organization obligation, is the law now on the President’s desk good for our farmers?

Red flags in rice tariffication

Significant reduction of the rice price cools down inflation. Yes, the problem has other factors, such as the spike of world petroleum prices and the tax reform law, which increased excise taxes. Holding them constant, we can fight inflation if we can just reduce rice prices.

Rice production and imports

The National Food Authority (NFA) has been in the news lately. Pictures of near empty government rice warehouses appearing in newspapers brought home the reason for the spike in the price of rice. This has caused a flurry of presidential actions.

Not a new jockey, Mr. President, NFA needs to retire

A mere transfer of the agency back to the Office of the President or to the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture from the Cabinet Secretary’s Office is a palliative cure to rising rice prices and corruption in the NFA.

How was close-Boracay decision made?

How does this administration arrive at its decisions? Particularly, how did it arrive at the decision to close Boracay for a maximum of six months? Let’s review the circumstances leading to this decision, based on media reports.

Weighing Alcala’s rice self-sufficiency program

The rice self-sufficiency program of former secretary Proceso Alcala was the banner program of the Department of Agriculture. No less than former president Aquino bragged about it twice in Congress in his state of the nation addresses in 2012 and 2013.

Unprocessed mineral export ban

In his 2017 SONA, Pres. Duterte threatened, among others, to stop the export of unprocessed mining products. This follows the ban on similar products in 2014 by Indonesia. The ostensive purpose of this exercise is to raise the value added from each unit of mineral export by subjecting to further processing locally.
Tax reform should include mining

Tax reform should include mining

Cielo Magno was interviewed on ANC Early Edition

‘Resource curse’

Dominguez, from all indications, is a terrific finance secretary. But it looks like, despite his denying it, his ties to the mining industry, though they may not be legal, continue to be binding.

What the Prez should do re DENR portfolio

This column poses three questions and makes two comments and one suggestion involving the Commission on Appointments’ recent rejection of Gina Lopez as secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

‘Lawfare’, not ‘warfare’

It is almost unbelievable that anyone would consider the outcome of the Philippines’ case against China as anything but a resounding victory. And yet, to hear lawyer Estelito Mendoza talk about it, any victory we may have won was a Pyrrhic one—won at too great a cost to be worthwhile for us.

NYT quotes Magno

Magno comments on shutdown of polluting mines.