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First step, choose wisely

Only think, Reader: The corruption issue in the Philippines has become routine (“hindi na maaalis yan”), the Filipino people in general have become numb to it (“manhid na”), our Congress has not taken the action it needs to take to solve the problem, and obviously, our thoughts and prayers are not enough.

Why our choice for president is so important

Now, the Philippines ranks 85th out of 174 countries. That’s a long way upward. We have figuratively clawed ourselves out of the bottom half of the countries to get to the top half of. I don’t know about you, but I think that is something we can be proud of.


Like Lolong, some of his human counterparts have achieved international notoriety. The 10 most corrupt leaders on the list come from nine countries. But unlike Lolong, they do not attract tourists and create revenue for the Philippines. Exactly the opposite occurs: They divert toward themselves revenues meant for the country, and drive away investors...

Binay asking for his day in court?

Vice President Jejomar Binay should clarify his stand with regard to the role of the courts in the charges that have arisen against him (overpriced Makati buildings, Hacienda Binay, etc.) in connection with the Senate hearings.

How SC decision on Enrile came about

I got to see Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile up close and personal yesterday morning at his residence. For only a short while, mind you, but it helps that he lives right across the street from our house...

‘At least he shares with us’

It seems the strongest argument used by supporters of Vice President Jejomar Binay when asked why they still want to vote for him in spite of his alleged corruption is: “Most politicians are corrupt anyway, and Binay at least shares with us.”

‘Daang matuwid’ or ‘daang kurakot’

It’s now official: Mar Roxas is the Liberal Party’s candidate against Jojo Binay for the presidency of the Philippines. “Daang matuwid” vs. “daang kurakot.” The straight and narrow vs. the crooked and corrupt.


The Binays of Makati are crying that they are being picked on, and that all the charges are only speculation or are misleading, or complete lies, which means the legislature and the Ombudsman are liars.

The crime has to be plunder

The Pimentel Report deserves more attention than it has received, particularly because Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is one of those recommended to be charged with plunder, wants to be president of the Philippines.

Cause for celebration

There’s some really good news that gives us cause for celebration, and there’s also some bad news that gives us cause for concern. First, the good news: We have made some solid strides in our fight against corruption.

53 accounts in 4 banks

It seems that former vice mayor Mercado and his charges are being vindicated by the AMLC report. I have only one question: If the Republic of the Philippines has filed a case against the Vice President of the Philippines, shouldn’t he at least resign from his Cabinet position?

A cry for help directed at P-Noy

John Philip Sevilla sends in his resignation letter as commissioner of the Bureau of Customs on Wednesday. On Friday, his replacement, Bert Lina, takes the oath of office. A one-day hiatus.