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Takeaways from Trump impeachment hearings

Having been glued to the television set for five days watching the public impeachment hearings against US President Donald Trump, live and in full color, I cannot resist sharing my three takeaways from the experience.

Duterte versus Trump: an update

Yours truly is in the United States, Reader, although I had sworn never to set foot here again until Donald Trump was out of office. But a family reunion trumps (I couldn’t resist that) that vow, so here I am.

Weaponizing the rule of law

Permit me, Reader, to comment on two recent events that I passed up because of my concern for the University of the Philippines.

What’s the truth about Duterte’s health?

The question: How do these ailments, in their entirety, affect the way President Duterte is presiding over our country? Is he fit to run it?

Why should Albayalde resign or be fired?

It brings to mind a picture of hyenas circling around their prey for the kill—or a crowd turned into a mindless mob rushing over anyone in their way. I am talking about this get-Albayalde movement, this insistence that he resign as chief of the Philippine National Police.

The fair and fearless General Magalong

Well, Reader, I am glad to say that Magalong showed up Ragos for what he was—someone up to his neck in the corruption and drugs that were going on (and apparently still are) in the New Bilibid Prison.

Three against Leila

All three against Leila. She could take them all on, and win. Only, she’s in jail. So they’re safe.

Praying for the President and our country

While he is no saint, neither is he the devil he is sometimes made out to be. And if you, Reader, don’t know what to make of him after comparing his pluses and minuses, and still want to give him a chance, why don’t you pray for him?

Lessons to learn from the HK Chinese

What can we learn from the Hong Kong Chinese in so far as the handling of mainland China’s designs on them?

Why are we so craven?

It’s really an open invitation for China to do whatever it wants with us, and we will welcome whatever it dishes out.

Once a liar, now he’s telling the truth?

Charges against the Duterte clan and friends, Bikoy is a liar. Charges against the Liberal Party and Trillanes, Bikoy is telling the truth. Is that fair? Is that just? Is that the rule of law?

Glory and shame in 2018

I am putting a twist on things, however, by speculating on what Inang Bayan or Mother Philippines herself would ask for if she had the chance to talk. What do you think, Reader? Care to do this exercise with me?