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Lessons in Harry’s downfall

Reader, whether you like Harry Roque or not, whether you respect him or not, I think you have to agree that President Duterte treated him more like a rat or cockroach than like the dog or tuta that he was. But maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Impeaching justices the right thing to do

It may be a “suntok sa buwan” (hitting the moon—a useless effort) on their part, but, Reader, it is nevertheless the right thing to do. No matter how hard.

Shame on you, BI

Sister Pat Fox speaks Filipino more fluently than I can. The Bureau of Immigration is adamant that she violated the terms of her missionary visa, and has refused with finality her request for reconsideration.

US and China: on the brink of a trade war

When one country initiates action intended to hurt another, and the other country responds to inflict a similar hurt, then a trade war happens. Such is the nature of the relationship between the United States and China as of yesterday.

New external shock: US stock market plunge

A new external shock to the world economy happened. The US stock market has suddenly turned southwards yesterday after a sustained period of climb.

Fearless and principled

In three weeks, Reader, Sen. Leila de Lima will have spent one year under incarceration. A duly elected senator of the Republic, elected without the help of a name ripe with political recall. Not a name tarnished by corruption, but a name that sparkled because of her excellent service to the Filipino people.

To have the spirit of Christmas

It is two days before Christmas, Reader—two “tulogs” to go—and I am delighted to report that the Christmas spirit came upon me just about a week ago

Beyond hyperbole

In the first five months of his presidency, Du30 publicly insulted/excoriated Senator de Lima on at least 22 occasions (or once a week), pronouncing her guilty of complicity in the trade in illegal drugs in the country, accusing her of immorality, and even saying, “I will have to destroy her in public.”

Why we need the CHR

President Duterte and Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez rant and rave against the Commission on Human Rights, and then go ad hominem and vent their ire on its chair, Chito Gascon.

Missed opportunity

Given the background between Sen. Trillanes and the Dutertes, one would think that the senator’s invitations to Son and Son-in-law represented an ideal opportunity for the latter to show up the former for what they think he is...

Duterte’s 2nd SONA

The second State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte departs from the typical formula. Instead of the heavy recounting of the previous year’s developments and achievements with a plethora of statistics, he zeroes in on actions being undertaken.

‘As the world turns’ — external events that eventually affect us

Although some happenings in major capitals of the world might seem totally disconnected to us, they can affect our experience directly or indirectly. In these developments, we are perfect bystanders. We have no influence on how the events unfold.