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Yolanda’s singular message: To cope with super-disasters in the future, accelerate economic reforms to strengthen the economy

Few nations can cope adequately and timely with the human and physical havoc that the likes of Yolanda’s cataclysmic fury have brought to us. If it were confined to a local geography, it would have been manageable. But many areas in the Central Visayas were simultaneously devastated.

Blame game

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. That seems to be the blame game everyone is playing now with regard to our relief efforts. We coulda done this, or we shoulda gone that way, or we woulda made more of a difference.

Nature’s fury and the economic damage it brings

Natural disasters hit the country with regularity. Our defense against the brute force of physical laws is often inadequate even if we prepare for them.

Turning crises into opportunities

Every crisis offers an opportunity. The recent crises -- the Zamboanga armed conflict, the Bohol-Cebu earthquakes, and killer typhoon Yolanda -- are no different

Pablo and Pabillo

Comes now Typhoon “Pablo,” whose arrival was announced well in advance. And the fatalities could even reach over 700 if the persons reported missing turn up dead. Tragedy, indeed, if one considers that most of those deaths could have been avoided—had the local governments done their jobs.