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Tribute to Ruping Alonzo by former UP President Roman

Former UP President Emerlinda R. Roman pays tribute to Professor and former University Vice-President Ruperto P. Alonzo.

Slices of life with Ruping: at work and after hours

Dante Canlas pays tribute to his late colleague Professor Ruperto Alonzo.


Our success as a nation is ultimately the harvest of our collective exertion as a nation. The future beckons to us to provide a better pedestal for our International Math Olympiad heroes, one the equal of the pedestals we accord medalists in lesser pursuits.

How do we budget for free college tuition?

By making tuition free, this law virtually removes the ability of the educational institutions to earn any tuition income from students. Now, this source of flexibility disappears with the abolition of tuition income. The institutions will now be totally exposed to government budgetary support.

The UP School of Economics and its early years

The passing early this week of Dr. Amado A. Castro, the first dean of the University of the Philippines School of Economics, provides the occasion to comment on the early years of this institution that he helped build as an independent academic unit of the UP.

Unintended consequences, or the folly of uncritical thinking

A close reading of why some policies resulted in bad, unintended outcomes reveals a defect in design. A design defect could arise from the selfish myopia of reform proponents who focus mainly on seeing their own gains. Or it may be due to a firm belief about the justness of their cause.

Living life well, or general education versus professional education

For some time now, a controversy on the content of education in the University of the Philippines has been raging. It is, in a way, the battle of the ages on the nature of education.

Memoir: The founding of PIDS

The PIDS, founded in 1977, has gained international recognition for useful research on development issues relevant to the nation’s economic needs. In this memoir prepared for the 40th anniversary celebration of the institute’s birth, the author recounts the unique circumstances, philosophy and other factors that led to the founding of the research institute.

Not human

The true scandal of the current drug war is that it is run by old men who operate on old ideas and obsolete knowledge. It therefore subjects citizens to what is ultimately an unnecessary—and therefore unjust—ordeal.

‘Kingmaker’ at CHEd

Where does Commission on Higher Education Executive Director Julito Vitriolo get off trying to bamboozle CHEd and Malacañang to force its chair, Patricia Licuanan, to resign and replace her with newly appointed CHEd commissioner Prospero de Vera?

The UP Presidency

UP is looking for its next president. And if the list of candidates is rather thin, it is because of a recent rule adopted by its Board of Regents, to the effect that all nominees should have the ability to serve the full term of six years before reaching the age of 70.

Letter to the Board of Regents on the age requirement for the UP Presidency

There is nothing in the law, the Charter, the Code, or the University's cherished traditions to suggest that advanced age must be a factor in the administration of the University's affairs.