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A fable for our times

This is a work of fiction. However it is not guaranteed that the characters will not resemble actual persons, living or dead, and that the places are unreal.

Hong Kong and the Philippines: historical perspective on political freedom and economic development

This week, through the ballot and a local election that appears to resemble the mid-year local elections in our country, Hong Kong made a powerful statement to its central government.

Takeaways from Trump impeachment hearings

Having been glued to the television set for five days watching the public impeachment hearings against US President Donald Trump, live and in full color, I cannot resist sharing my three takeaways from the experience.

Duterte versus Trump: an update

Yours truly is in the United States, Reader, although I had sworn never to set foot here again until Donald Trump was out of office. But a family reunion trumps (I couldn’t resist that) that vow, so here I am.

Weaponizing the rule of law

Permit me, Reader, to comment on two recent events that I passed up because of my concern for the University of the Philippines.

Three against Leila

All three against Leila. She could take them all on, and win. Only, she’s in jail. So they’re safe.

Apologize to Trillanes’ mother, Mr. President

All this bluster does not help—your reputation, your credibility, our country. Who wants to have a President who is caught in a barefaced lie? Man up, Mr. President.

Praying for the President and our country

While he is no saint, neither is he the devil he is sometimes made out to be. And if you, Reader, don’t know what to make of him after comparing his pluses and minuses, and still want to give him a chance, why don’t you pray for him?

Lessons to learn from the HK Chinese

What can we learn from the Hong Kong Chinese in so far as the handling of mainland China’s designs on them?

The wisdom of the great unwashed

Did they give the prim and proper of the Philippines a lesson in discernment? Only time will tell.

Once a liar, now he’s telling the truth?

Charges against the Duterte clan and friends, Bikoy is a liar. Charges against the Liberal Party and Trillanes, Bikoy is telling the truth. Is that fair? Is that just? Is that the rule of law?

Deeper economic reforms a must after Duterte’s midterm victory

Some foreign observers look at this victory as “weakening” Philippine democracy. This is foolish judgment. The vote was firm and strongly indicated a landslide victory in a fair exercise of the vote, which is the mark of any democracy.