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Judge Soriano and the old normal

Judge Soriano represents the old (quite old, one must add) normal. He called it like he saw it, and damn the torpedoes.

Grave abuse of power by the House

Question: Why is a mining company being considered for a franchise as a business in which it obviously has no experience?

Here’s what the Alston Report says, Harry

Federalism, Charter change, national security, martial law, the Supreme Court decisions, the forthcoming elections, the guessing game on the President’s health—these issues occupy our minds so much, we may fail to appreciate an emerging pattern pointing to our democracy in danger.

Sorry, Reader, I spoke too soon

Let’s hope RTC Judge Andres Bartolome Soriano, Branch 148, is made of sterner stuff than his colleague Elmo Alameda of Branch 150. I had saluted them both in this column for standing up to the administration, but apparently Alameda’s knees buckled under pressure.

Judges worth emulating

These regional trial court judges have done what their seniors in the judiciary, all the way up to the top, have failed to do. They have shown that justice can look political power in the eye and not blink.

The facts favor Trillanes

Reader, the “void ab initio” argument that has been used to justify the revocation of the amnesty granted in 2011 to Trillanes et al., is a reprise of the administration’s shamefully successful argument used to kick out Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Will it gain traction?

Impeaching justices the right thing to do

It may be a “suntok sa buwan” (hitting the moon—a useless effort) on their part, but, Reader, it is nevertheless the right thing to do. No matter how hard.

The President is not above the law

The President’s firing of Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang has gotten in the way, and I must express outrage at this latest abuse of presidential power.

Do you believe the police?

The “Tisoy” Argoncillo case is illustrative of several things that are wrong with the Philippines.

Will you fight for our country?

To Readers who say, “We pray all the time,” I say, “Bravo,” but prayer is not enough. As the saying goes, “Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as if everything depends on you.”

A Supreme Court gone rogue

My practice is that I do not provide the titles to my columns; that is the job of my editor. But for today, I decided to submit my column with that title. By the way, it was a close fight between “rogue” and “craven.”

Cause for alarm (2)

Experts opine that nations where the rule of law is weak tend to end up in a morass of lawlessness and corruption, and that societies that enjoy the rule of law are vastly better situated than those that do not.