Banana production and cooperatives in the Philippines: a structure for self-reliance of farmer growers under agrarian reform

Katsumi Nozawa


Based on a field survey conducted by the author, this study inquires into the role of cooperatives in promoting self-reliance among banana farmers in the Philippines. It shows how land distribution under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (carp) and the participation of agrarian reform beneficiaries (arbs) in cooperatives can, in fact, give farmers a chance to become self-reliant. It describes the operational changes made in a banana plantation affected by land reform from the viewpoint of the cooperative’s management, as well as highlights the cooperative’s role as a community that nurtures essential social norms among the members.

JEL classification: Q13, Q15, N55


agrarian reform, banana plantation agriculture, agribusiness, cooperatives, contract growing, leasing, agribusiness venture arrangements

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