New MDE Day Program at UPSE

The PCED/DBM Careership Program in DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS is a joint project of the Philippine Center for Economic Development and the Department of Budget and Management that will offer opportunities and provide financial support for UP School of Economics to train and produce a steady flow of graduates with a Masters in Development Economics. (Apply online here.)


In 1965, the UP School of Economics established the Program in Development Economics (PDE) to address the need for technically prepared staff in the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and other government agencies.

PDE started as a certificate program providing training to middle-level technical and professional staff from various government agencies. Training covered quantitative methods, macro and microeconomic analyses, public finance, and project evaluation.

In 1995, PDE became a full-fledged degree-granting program offering the degree Master in Development Economics (MDE). The program continues to train staff from government agencies, NGOs and from the private sector.

The overall objective of the PCED/DBM program is to sustain the production of technically proficient government staff with core competence in undertaking economic analysis and public policy.

New approaches to actively recruit applicants to the MDE program will be tried out beginning April of 2017. This includes meeting the UPSE graduating class, meetings with online applicants, visits to top universities all over the country, and recruitment sorties among government agencies.

Applicants will be drawn from a wider range of disciplines including the social sciences, economics, statistics, engineering, business and finance.

Program of Studies

The Program of studies will pursue a full-time, non-thesis track of the regular MDE program.

For more details of the program, visit this page.

Apply online here.