Discussion Papers

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The University of the Philippine School of Economics (UPSE) website has a collection of Discussion Papers (DP) that is available and free for the public to download. These papers are also available at a dedicated UPSE DP webpage on IDEAS.


Faculty, graduate students, visiting scholars, visiting faculty, and alumni are encouraged to submit discussion papers. Graduate student and alumni submissions should be sponsored by an UPSE faculty.

Please send a copy of your manuscript to research@econ.upd.edu.ph with the subject heading “For DP posting“.

The manuscript should be in either PDF or MS Word file on letter size paper with the first page containing the following information:

  1. Paper title
  2. Full name and affiliation of all authors
  3. E-mail addresses of all authors
  4. A short abstract
  5. A short list of keywords
  6. JEL codes

Visit the website here.