Vol 19, No 1 & 2 (1982)

Table of Contents


Agricultural Modernization and Non-Agricultural Employment: An Asian and Pacific Perspective PDF
Florian A. Alburo
The Inflationary Effects of LDC Exchange Rate Changes Under Generalized Currency Floating PDF
Romeo M. Bautista
An Evaluation of Time Budget Studies as Complements to Conventional Labor Force Surveys PDF
Bryan L. Boulier
Age Structure and Development in ASEAN and Japan: 1950-2015, A Preliminary Reports PDF
Burnham O. Campbell
Foreign Trade and Economic Welfare in the Last Half-Century of Spanish Rule PDF
Amado A. Castro
Widening Urban-Rural Income Differentials in Korea: A Reexamination PDF
Hakchung Choo
Research Publications of Harry T. Oshima PDF
Author Author
On the Use of Linear Programming for Family Planning Resource Allocation PDF
Rolando A. Danao
An Auxilliary Model for Quantifying the Socio-Economic Impact of a Development Project PDF
Jose Encarnacion, Jr.
Philippine Demographic Development: Problems and Prospects PDF
Alejandro N. Herrin
Culture and Corporate Performance in the Philippines: The Chinese Puzzle PDF
G. L. Hicks, S. G. Redding
Long Run Trends in the Growth of Developing Countries PDF
Helen Hughes
Relevance of the Experience of Japan to Contemporary Economic Development PDF
Shigeru Ishikawa
The Impact of Sri Lanka's Economic Reforms in 1977 on Employment and Income Distribution PDF
H. N. N. Karunatilake
Technical Change and Factor Utilization : The Case of Taiwan,1952-1980 PDF
Shirley W. Y. Kuo
Laboring Poor of Japan in the Early Stages of Industrialization PDF
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi
An Analysis of the Personal Consumption Expenditures in Japan, 1892-1967 PDF
Konosuke Odaka
Growth and Equity in a Sub-Regional Economy: Hawaii,1900-1976 PDF
Mitsuo Ono
Asian Urbanization and Development: A Comparative View PDF
Ernesto M. Pernia
Growth and Stability in Selected Newly-Industrializing and Socialist Economies (With Particular Reference to Investment Cycle) PDF
Miyohei Shinoharra
Distribution Flow of Education in Thailand PDF
Edita Abella Tan, Wannasiri Naiyavitit
Sogo Shosha and Japanese Industrialization PDF
Kunio Yoshihara