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The Mall Invasion of UP Diliman Campus

Not content with UP’s lease of Techno-Hub and UP Town Center, both within short distances from the UP Campus, UP authorities have mulled converting one of the constructed buildings on Diliman campus as a mall, Dilimall, with a supposed deal to allow a master leaseholder to manage it as seen fit.


What follows is a list of Ph.D. graduates of the U.P. School of Economics in chronological order of their graduation. The School has graduated a total of 88 Ph.D.s since its first graduate in 1975.

Is the Philippines moving away from migration?

Overseas labor migration and remittances continue to be very important features of the Philippine economy -- but less and less so.

Who drew first?

Alfred Marshall is frequently credited with the supply-and-demand diagram, so much so that the familiar graph of equilibrium in the market for a single good is called the “Marshallian cross” . Here as in many other cases, however, Stigler’s Law of Eponymy holds.

Crossed lines

This following question could come up if a student is particularly bright and observant, or if she just wants to make trouble...
Nine lives to save

Nine lives to save

PhilHealth says they enrolled nine out of ten Filipinos. This film says PhilHealth protects only one in ten.
New financial economics blog

New financial economics blog

New blog for financial economics

Early days

The beginnings of the School of Economics can be traced to the minuscule economics department that moved to the Diliman campus after the war. Amado Castro reminisces, “The economics faculty was just me and Valmonte.”

Sustainable development through community engagement: the case for the SDGs

The Philippines’ experience demonstrates that poverty alleviation and development cannot be left in the hands of mining companies alone.

Dear Ben…

Your column raised some good points. Unfortunately, the piece was marred by errors in some of the statistics and computations you use. I'm sorry, but I think we need to correct them for pedagogical reasons.

On Piketty’s “Capital”

One of the first questions I asked myself as I began to read Capital was: why was this book not written before?

Drawing the line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

If we agree that campus protest is legitimate, the real question is where to draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.