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Monthly archive October 2019

Raul Fabella’s response at the book launch of “Momentum”

Response delivered in behalf of the authors.

Weaponizing the rule of law

Permit me, Reader, to comment on two recent events that I passed up because of my concern for the University of the Philippines.

UP Beloved is in trouble

Is the University of the Philippines going to pot? Not as in marijuana, Reader. Rather, as in losing all its good qualities, because no one is taking care of it.

Factors that still afflict us in a growing economy

The overall management of the country’s macro-fundamentals in the midst of a higher investment effort has enabled the country to sustain a growing economy. Yet, the country still has many microeconomic and sector issues that need improvement. Indeed, we are faced with many problems that continue to afflict and negate the economy’s forward motion....

Open and affluent societies: Angst in Paradise

They have become a little bit like us, blemished, threatened and conflicted. Welcome to the human condition!

The Philippine economy rising

Over the weekend, I was in receipt of a book that was published last year, titled The Philippine economy: No longer the East Asian Exception?

Four figures in search of commentary

Below are some figures that seem to express definite trends or turning points. But the meaning is left to the reader who might have a different interpretation. The titles, of course, are completely gratuitous.

What’s the truth about Duterte’s health?

The question: How do these ailments, in their entirety, affect the way President Duterte is presiding over our country? Is he fit to run it?

Navigating long life, or the octogenarian decade

One of my grandchildren asked me the ultimate question during a recent family gathering to honor my many years: “What are your immediate plans and what do you hope to accomplish still?”

Why should Albayalde resign or be fired?

It brings to mind a picture of hyenas circling around their prey for the kill—or a crowd turned into a mindless mob rushing over anyone in their way. I am talking about this get-Albayalde movement, this insistence that he resign as chief of the Philippine National Police.

The transnational education law: a response to globalization

Foreign institutions of higher education are now allowed to set up educational services in partnerships with local universities in the country under the Transnational Higher Education Act (Republic Act 1148).