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Monthly archive November 2018

Price controls on medicines

The proposed law would empower the DPRB to cap prices of drugs and medicines, and to sanction non-compliant pharmaceutical companies and medicine retail outlets.Its purpose is to “effectively reduce the cost of drugs or medicines.” Now who could be against that?

We have rule by law, not rule of law

Is the Philippines following the Rule of Law, or Rule by Law? Two prepositions—“of” and “by”. Tiny. Yet these make all the difference in the world, Reader.

World War I: our limited participation

The Philippines was dragged into the war because it was then a part of the American empire in the Pacific. America’s expansion as a nation had experienced transformation into a world power by this time, but it was a limited empire with few possessions. The Philippines was its colonial bastion in the Pacific.

The curious 3rd telco bidding

The flavor of the week is Davao’s Dennis Uy and his Mislatel consortium with China Telecom. They reportedly “won” the bid to be the Philippines’ third telco. The question on everybody’s mind is, did they win it fair and square?

US-China trade war will be settled

The trade war between the US and China has been escalating step-by-step since the beginning of this year. The trade war also causes greater risk and uncertainty to world commerce and development.

The Third Telco project, winner’s curse and sustainability

The impact of the third telco on consumer welfare depends upon the extent of the collusive behavior in the extant duopoly market and on the new efficiencies the third telco introduces.

Donald Duterte and Rody Trump

It is eerie, the similarity between Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump. So why bring it up again, if it has apparently been discussed to death? Because, just when things seem to be dying down, Donald Duterte or Rody Trump comes up with something new to titillate us.