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Monthly archive August 2016

De Lima’s record speaks for itself

This persecution of Leila de Lima is getting out of hand. That it is led by President Duterte makes it even worse.

The poverty of our Olympic harvest in sports

Since we first participated in the modern Olympic games as a country, we have won only 10 medals: zero gold, three silvers, seven bronzes.

MIlitary should speak up on Marcos burial

I think it is very important that the military say its piece. Otherwise, all its efforts to be beloved of the Filipino people, all its efforts to be a true partner in human development, will go for naught. And besides, the “law” that Mr. Duterte says he is following in ordering the burial has to...

Four states rather than 12 or more in the Philippine federation

Last week, in the column entitled “States of the proposed Philippine federal republic”, the idea of four self-governing states was broached. Further arguments are made today.

Common Belief Revisited

This study presents how selection of equilibrium in a game with many equilibria can be made possible when the common knowledge assumption (CKA) is replaced by the notion of common belief.

Why Marcos shouldn’t be buried in the ‘Libingan’

As a campaign issue—I mean, when the issues are inclusive growth, corruption, poverty, drugs, criminality, “endo” labor practices, wages, how can the Marcos burial possibly be of the same level of importance?

States of the future Philippine federal republic

The political blockbuster for our republic is the proposal to create a federal state to change the government from the eight-decade old unitary presidential structure into a federal system.

Threshold Bank-run Equilibrium in Dynamic Games

This study sets a bank-run equilibrium analysis in a dynamic and incomplete information environment where agents can reconsider attempts to run on the bank over time.

Why Fixed Rent Contracts are Less Prevalent: Weak Third Party Enforcement and Endogenous Principal Type

We revisit the question of why fixed rent contracts are less prevalent than crop share contracts despite Marshallian inefficiency. We consider the case where the type of the principal is endogenous to contract provisions and reneging by the principal may pay due to weak third party enforcement (TPE).

Sison and the peace talks

About two years ago, Alex Padilla of the government’s peace panel already said that it seemed Sison was no longer in control of the CPP, the NDF and the New People’s Army.

An avalanche of non-economic reforms is on the way — SONA

Aside from waging the war against illegal drugs in the country, President Duterte made big promises that he backs up with committed and concrete action programs in his first SONA.

Duterte’s ‘No’ and the gold haul at IMO

We not only have income-poverty; we have power-poverty; and arguably the first poverty is due to the second.