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Monthly archive April 2011

Listless about lists

Jorge Luis Borges’s famous list from an apocryphal Chinese encyclopedia divides animals into the following: (a) those that belong to the Emperor; (b) embalmed ones; (c) those that are trained; (d) suckling pigs; (e) mermaids; (f) fabulous ones; (g) stray dogs; (h) those included in the present classification; (i) those that tremble as if they...

Is government really solving the housing problem?

(DP 2011-04) Abstract Informal housing arrangements, substandard structures, congestion, and land use conflicts characterize the urban housing problem in the Philippines. The record suggests that the response of the State, especially its reliance on below-market priced mortgage loans, has aggravated rather than helped solve the situation. If the housing problem is to be solved, government...