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Monthly archive March 2018

A dream of foreign education fulfilled

Sometime last month, an invitation from the Philippine American Economic Foundation’s 70th anniversary of the Fulbright program in the Philippines set me to think about my youth and the connection of economic development with foreign education.

Let’s look at the facts on Napoles

Get real Philippine Daily Inquirer, 24 March 2018   Reader, one side says that Janet Lim Napoles should be a state witness under the Witness Protection Program because she is the least guilty and this side is just seeking justice. The other side says that Napoles cannot be a state witness because she is clearly...

Implementing the free college tuition law

The free college tuition law is too generous and will threaten our budgetary capacity, while possibly weakening the quality of our state collegiate institutions.

Check out the evidence

What does the evidence show? That’s what you, Reader, should be asking, so that you can make an informed decision about whether to vote for or against the proposed changes in our system of government.

The weakening or depreciating peso

It is taking more pesos to exchange for one US dollar. This weakening or depreciation of the peso is a phenomenon that is not easily understood. (For one thing, not only do we have a changing peso value to the US dollar. The US dollar itself is changing its own value as a currency!)

Knives out for Sereno

Poor, battle-scarred and weary Meilou Sereno. It is not only the executive branch (from the President down to the Bureau of Internal Revenue) and its lapdogs in Congress who have their knives out for her; it seems the majority of her Supreme Court colleagues also do.

A global trade war is possible

President Donald Trump’s announced plan last week to raise steel and aluminium tariffs were designed to disrupt the trade in steel in which the US is the major importer. This announcement has caused immediate and adverse reactions from steel supplier countries.

Farce in the House

At long last, the impeachment hearings on Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno are ending. There is no doubt, and there was none from Day One, that the House of Representatives will impeach her.