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Monthly archive September 2017

National security and economic development

Many East Asian countries have adopted strict national security measures that were once considered excessive. However, as they raised their economic achievements, they gained the comfort and the confidence to relax slowly what were initially denied.

Who’s afraid of a weak peso?

Lately, the gradual depreciation of the peso (to P51/$) was accompanied by the familiar angst in the media. This development is not new. What is new? This is happening without the familiar war frenzy among the authorities; there seems instead a healthy nonchalance .

More flawed than the House TRAIN

The Senate not only did not stand up to the powerful lobbies, it also became their doormat.

de Dios on the economy under Marcos

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Professor Emmanuel S. de Dios provides a perspective on the economic performance under the Marcos regime.

Vox populi vox Dei?

The political independence and professionalism of the bureaucracy and the courts are part of constitutional design. It is foolish and uninformed of politicians to demand that they conform to political trends and opinions of the day, no matter how “popular”.

Why we need the CHR

President Duterte and Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez rant and rave against the Commission on Human Rights, and then go ad hominem and vent their ire on its chair, Chito Gascon.

Is the Philippines moving away from migration?

Overseas labor migration and remittances continue to be very important features of the Philippine economy -- but less and less so.

Inflationary tendency

A creeping rise in domestic prices has been happening since a year ago, indicative of modest inflationary pressures.

Missed opportunity

Given the background between Sen. Trillanes and the Dutertes, one would think that the senator’s invitations to Son and Son-in-law represented an ideal opportunity for the latter to show up the former for what they think he is...

Marcos and how he formed his economic team

The times were propitious for technocrats to be taken into high responsibility. When he was elected president, Marcos had followed in the footsteps of other models elsewhere. He was highly influenced by John F. Kennedy who brought with him many professionals from business and from the academe when he took office.

Locked up but looking good

I confess, Reader, that my first reaction was, not pity, but envy—and I told her so. No one should be looking so good after being incarcerated that long.

Low FDI inflows: its genesis

I continue my discussion of last week and hark back to the early part of our independence history.