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Monthly archive June 2016

Gina Lopez’s appointment a good decision

The appointment of Gina Lopez as head of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources was like an earthquake that rocked Big Mining and sent the value of mining stocks plummeting. But for me, Duterte must be congratulated for his decision.

Options to improve labor market policies and mulitply the ‘good’ jobs’ — Part II

In last week’s column, I presented the discouraging aspects of employment generation in the country using a recent World Bank analysis of the problem. If these facts are recognized at the start of a new president’s term, the stage could be set toward a proper reform of labor market policies.

Squaring the circle and ‘buang’

I must confess to an unabashed glee over Leni Robredo’s victory in the official tally. Finally, another widow beat back another Marcos.

Conglopolistic Competition in Small Emerging Economies: When Large and Diversified is Beautiful

We show how conglopolistic competition is welfare-improving and give examples of how it boosts the collective action capacity of the weak Philippine state. The dynamism of the Philippine Service sector is due to lively conglopolistic competition which in turn comes from relatively free entry in these sectors.

Starting point for new administration

How do we evaluate the performance of the Aquino administration in as objective a manner as possible? If we depend on the opposition’s evaluation, we get all the negatives. If we depend on the administration’s evaluation, we are sure to get only the positives.

To multiply good jobs and reduce poverty

Last week, the Philippine Statistical Authority released the employment data on the economy, for April 2016. While the picture is one that tells us about progress being achieved in the area, it essentially informs us that our record in raising employment is far from what we want it to be.

A lot for the media to munch on

At last, light at the end of the tunnel. I had little hope that President-elect Rodrigo Duterte would act in a more presidential manner as soon as he took his oath. Something about old dogs and new tricks. But I think we can pick up our faces off the floor now. There is hope.

A chance to save face

The antics, and I use the term deliberately, of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte are getting tiresome. He calls to mind a spoiled child who has been let loose without any kind of parental control, to do whatever damage he can.

Employment market policies under the incoming Duterte government

Employment creation is the most effective weapon against poverty eradication. There are very hopeful signs that the incoming government of president-elect Duterte will move well on this front.