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The case for CITIRA’s lowering the corporate income tax

That the link between statutory corporate income tax on the one hand, and economic growth and corporate investment, on the other, seems so tenuous was a surprise.

Sin tax on salty foods

In the news lately is a Department of Health (DOH) proposal to impose a tax on salty products for public health reasons. The reasoning being put forward is the same as that for tobacco, alcohol and sugared drinks. The tax proposal is a bad idea.

Why is the President so enamored of China?

The question is: Why is President Duterte so enamored of China, when the rest of the world is having second thoughts?

‘Weaponized’ incentives and TRAIN 2

That the discussion of incentives to correct a missing market failure has gravitated around incentives to attract entry is natural. But sometimes, entry is only one part of the equation. The incentives to stay is another.

Inflation, the peso, and overall spending

The rising prices are felt generally across sectors of the economy. However, they accelerate the problems of the most vulnerable, the poor and those whose incomes are not catching up with inflation.

TRAIN 2: The failures it addresses

A successful flagship economic program will ensure Duterte a bright legacy; a mangled one will sink that legacy no matter the political projects. Even so, TRAIN 2 still has ways to go.

And do our politicians care?

"The Philippines will continue to be the fastest-growing economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations despite some stabilization of investment growth.” That’s from the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects (GEP) which came out last month.

Managing inflation, or rising prices

The Philippine Statistics Authority reports that prices in January compared to those of the same month last year, rose four percent. While this is a moderate inflation rate, new conditions are creating inflationary pressures. Monetary authorities will face these challenges as they try to stabilize prices in a time of sustained growth effort.


In Shakespeare’s Act III of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony joined the funeral of, after Brutus and kindred souls had done the Ides of March number on, Julius Caesar. The starting line of his famous spiel included: “I came to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

What to expect in 2018 for the economy

At this time of the year, many are wondering what 2018 holds for the Philippine economy.

Put the TRAIN back on track

The TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion) is being derailed, and I cannot understand why Malacañang called in the senators last Wednesday, apparently to urge them to pass the derailed version. My information is that 16 of them responded.

Tax reform for a higher level of economic development

The tax reform is intended to boost the government’s capacity to finance the nation’s public investment needs to improve the much needed lack in infrastructure facilities. In addition, it aims to sustain targeted social protection programs that help the very poor.