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Philippine economy: the Golidlocks scenario

Speaking before the Wallace Business Forum recently, BSP Governor Banjamin Diokno said that the economy is in the Goldilocks phase.

Inflation, the peso, and overall spending

The rising prices are felt generally across sectors of the economy. However, they accelerate the problems of the most vulnerable, the poor and those whose incomes are not catching up with inflation.

The Duterte administration after two years: assessing prospects for higher growth

In conjunction with this year’s State of the Nation Address, which is the third for the Duterte presidency, we focus our commentary today on the administration’s accomplishments during the first two years that are critical to the nation’s economic and social development.

TRAIN 2: The failures it addresses

A successful flagship economic program will ensure Duterte a bright legacy; a mangled one will sink that legacy no matter the political projects. Even so, TRAIN 2 still has ways to go.

The BSP and inflation: What mission creep?

When the price spike is due to cost push (food, coal tax and higher transmission charge, rice and NFA failure, wages and “endo”) , the BSP’s capacity to combat the root of the spike is very limited. A more aggressive BSP interest rate hike would only raise costs and inflation further.

Monetary policy addresses current macro challenges

The Bangko Sentral decided to raise the basic interest rate governing domestic lending transactions by 25 basis points. Such a move indicates the monetary policy response to pressure points that are currently showing themselves to economic policy makers.

More flawed than the House TRAIN

The Senate not only did not stand up to the powerful lobbies, it also became their doormat.

Inflationary tendency

A creeping rise in domestic prices has been happening since a year ago, indicative of modest inflationary pressures.

Economic challenges in the 2nd year of the Duterte government

In Duterte’s time, and reading into plans to spend more for infrastructure and other social programs, the fiscal deficit is likely to worsen.
Canlas on Dutertenomics

Canlas on Dutertenomics

While funding a vigorous infrastructure roadmap is a good long term investment for the country, the authorities should make sure that supportive fiscal measures, such as tax reforms for generating higher revenue, are carried out to veer the nation away from getting further mired in debt.

Choosing the next central bank governor

A major appointment is looming in the area of economic management – the governorship of the central bank. A few prominent names are under serious consideration for the post of governor. These candidates have been floated from within government circles and in the public media.

Cesar Virata assesses Phl economic reforms, directions

Former prime minister Cesar Virata has written a short piece entitled “The Philippines readying for a suite of changes” for the East Asia Forum. Although written mainly for an international audience, it is useful for all who monitor Philippine developments.