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Monthly archive May 2018

To reduce the corporate tax rate and reform investment incentives

TRAIN II is the toughest of the tax reform components of the administration’s comprehensive tax reform package. For one, the current stakeholders – mainly the recipients of tax incentives – include important investors who are powerfully connected members of the business community.

Monetary policy addresses current macro challenges

The Bangko Sentral decided to raise the basic interest rate governing domestic lending transactions by 25 basis points. Such a move indicates the monetary policy response to pressure points that are currently showing themselves to economic policy makers.

A Supreme Court gone rogue

My practice is that I do not provide the titles to my columns; that is the job of my editor. But for today, I decided to submit my column with that title. By the way, it was a close fight between “rogue” and “craven.”

Writing on the wall

It seems that in the nearly two-year period, support for Charter change has decreased across all regions and classes by an amount that is statistically significant, except for the Visayas and Class E. What is most noteworthy is that Mindanao, arguably the President’s bailiwick, shows the largest percentage decrease in support.

Endo and manufacturing

Contractualization has been painted as “evil” by rabid Endo advocates. Yes, abuses happen but even freedom is abused. We don’t ban freedom for a reason.

Rice production and imports

The National Food Authority (NFA) has been in the news lately. Pictures of near empty government rice warehouses appearing in newspapers brought home the reason for the spike in the price of rice. This has caused a flurry of presidential actions.