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Monthly archive April 2018

Is the labor market tightening?

The falling unemployment rate is a mirage. The total picture about employment is that the whole economy is full of underemployed workers.

Not a new jockey, Mr. President, NFA needs to retire

A mere transfer of the agency back to the Office of the President or to the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture from the Cabinet Secretary’s Office is a palliative cure to rising rice prices and corruption in the NFA.

Cause for alarm (2)

Experts opine that nations where the rule of law is weak tend to end up in a morass of lawlessness and corruption, and that societies that enjoy the rule of law are vastly better situated than those that do not.

Worker housing program and government’s role

To lift the conditions of the places where the country’s income-earners live is a responsibility of the government. It is the government’s responsibility to raise the level of economic growth, to improve jobs, and to make workers more productive through an improvement in their working and living conditions.

Cause for alarm (1)

The World Justice Program does not deal in fake news, Reader. It’s the real deal. So pay close attention, please.

Housing program for the country’s workers is not succeeding

In the course of years of development, this sector of housing construction has not been fully exploited for the country. The government has not succeeded in creating a viable program of sustained housing construction for the common worker.

How was close-Boracay decision made?

How does this administration arrive at its decisions? Particularly, how did it arrive at the decision to close Boracay for a maximum of six months? Let’s review the circumstances leading to this decision, based on media reports.

US and China: on the brink of a trade war

When one country initiates action intended to hurt another, and the other country responds to inflict a similar hurt, then a trade war happens. Such is the nature of the relationship between the United States and China as of yesterday.

Kim Jong Un: madman or genius?

Is Kim a madman or a genius? If a madman with only random flashes of sanity, he will soon enough revert to the Orwellian strategy of continued nuclear build-up, of confrontation and the absolute loyalty of his deprived subjects. We’ll be back to square one with only a fading memory of hope.