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The Mining for Development Framework for the Philippines

Mineral extraction alone is not sufficient to trigger sustainable development in developing countries. The mainstream paradigm on mining for development suggests that mineral-rich developing countries need to formulate a fiscal policy that can balance the need to maximize fiscal revenue while ensuring that the country has an attractive investment climate.

Mining: Fixing the groundwork

Natural resources are important to national development. The mining industry, however, misleads the public when it argues that the competitiveness of the mining industry will lead to economic development and poverty eradication.

Healthy dose of cynicism

With respect to economic issues, anything the World Bank or the IMF has to say is very often swallowed hook, line and sinker. This, also in spite of these institutions having come under fire for their sins with regard to the Asian crisis.

Mining industry in distress

The economy has to grow by 7 to 8% for a decade to make a difference in the lives of the poor. Yet agriculture is growing feebly while manufacturing is operating below capacity. While public construction is picking up, private construction is slowing down. Mining, after a strong though volatile growth in the last 12...