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Welcome remarks 2009

I asked some students sometime ago how they wanted to be remembered – what it was that characterized their batch. And one of them responded – Sir, kami ‘yung batch na hindi nagbigay ng problema. That is, you were not a burden on us. It took some time for this to sink in...

Welcome remarks 2008

Honours are a matter of external measure and praise; but honour is a question of inner spirit and strength. Honours are what others say about you; but only you can say whether you have true honour or not.

Market power in the Philippine power market

The Philippine electricity market is in a period of transition as the restructuring provisions of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) of 2001 are being implemented. Under current structure, the market is highly concentrated, indicating the existence of market power.
Smith’s economic morals: An introduction

Smith’s economic morals: An introduction

This article introduces the moral philosophy underlying Smith’s contributions to economics and emphasises the close connection between Smith’s two principal works, the Theory of moral sentiments and the Wealth of nations.

The macroeconomic impact of remittances in the Philippines

Over the past twenty- five years, policy changes in the Philippines and global trends leading to market and financial integration have unleashed forces that are changing the country’s economic structure.

Household out-of-pocket health spending, health insurance coverage, and children’s school attendance in the Philippines

The microeconomics of family posits that households value and promote the welfare of their members, but given limited resources, their investments in terms of time and money in their children’s health and education and expenditures on other consumption goods are necessarily jointly determined. In this paper, we develop and test a household allocation model that...