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Monthly archive January 2019

Why change the MACR at all?

Frankly, I don’t see why the MACR has to be changed at all. Congress has its eye on the wrong ball. What we need is to implement the law properly.

Rice tariffication good for the country, Filipino farmers

Putting aside the topic of complying with our World Trade Organization obligation, is the law now on the President’s desk good for our farmers?

Two letters: on tourism and Jose Rizal

I sometimes receive thoughtful letters that help extend my column or suggest contrary ideas. I want to share two different letters below with my readers.

Small town blues

When the big national retailers take interest in and flock to a local regional market, local capitalists tremble and scramble for refuge in remoter small towns, pushing even smaller players to the wall.

Royally screwed

One remembers one’s childhood and what was almost a mantra when one failed to eat all of what was on one’s plate: “Think of the millions of poor, starving children in China who are hungry, and here you are wasting your food.” Or something like that, designed for maximum effect: shame and guilt on the...

Hanjin Philippines shipbuilding bankruptcy

The Philippine business community was rocked on Jan. 8 by the announcement of the bankruptcy of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Philippines – the Korean shipbuilding company based in the country.

Head-spinning judicial decisions

Decisions, decisions. Judicial, that is. The news has been full of them lately.

Tourism as a driver of growth and employment

The Philippine tourism industry today is now much bigger than a decade ago. However, it is still a relatively small industry compared to the tourism industries among other ASEAN neighbors.

Selected faculty publications 2015-2018

Publications by UPSE Faculty from 2015 indexed in the Web of Science (Thomson-Reuters).

Property valuation services: Are we losing international competitiveness?

An important lesson of the 2008 global financial crisis is that unstable real estate markets can bring down the global economy. Corollary to that, they can deprive an emerging economy with financing, stunting investments and economic growth.

Our mission: make sure the last bastion holds

What this is all leading to is that 2019 is going to be even more exciting than other years, because so many issues that will deeply affect our future as a country hang in the balance, and only we, the people, can resolve it, using the ballot box.

Jose Rizal’s ideals and ideas

Jose Rizal’s ideals were a product and composite of the teachings of what is known as the philosophy of Enlightenment. That stage of philosophy marked the dawn of the eighteenth century in Europe and continued to the 19th century.